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Why deadbolts are for homeowners

Home security and protection, That’s why we emphasize proper deadbolt protection to all of our local Palatine, IL customers.

A solid, properly installed home deadbolt adds value to your home, money savings to your wallet and peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Contact any established Palatine, IL locksmith shop to get one installed, do it yourself or call our friendly Locksmith Service Palatine crew for fast and convenient deadbolt installation, service or replacement.

Do I need a deadbolt at my home?

We think so, yes! Will adding a deadbolt to your residence bring health, wealth and prosperity? Maybe not all that but it WILL bring peace of mind and added protection. Put yourself in the shoes of a “would be burglar” who is trying to pick your door lock. He or she is now faced with TWO locks to get past. Your main door lock and now a solidly installed deadbolt lock. In most cases, the crook will just give up and move on to easier “pickings” and why not? The longer a burglary takes, the greater the chance of getting caught. Can you see now why we recommend these amazing lock marvels?

Isn’t my home lock good enough?

Um, no! There’s a little known secret about home door locks. 90% of them are good enough to pass building code regulations and not much else. Builders and contractors know that they have to add a door lock; that’s a given. No one said it had to be good one, though! If you want a better grade residential door lock, they will offer you an upgrade (usually) and you can get it that way.

Most residential locks are easy to bump open. It can be done in mere seconds by just about anyone that knows about it. All you need is a bump key that is easily purchase online or through Craigslist for a few dollars. Inset this key into any door lock and lightly tap it until the internal pins are bumped into place and the lock opens! Thousands of homes a year are illegally entered and burglarized because of this flaw in home lock security. The crooks are not even career thieves or hardened criminals but gang members, teenagers and pranksters! Worse still, lock bumping leaves no trace of forced entry! Try filing a police report or insurance claim when there’s simply no proof or even evidence that anyone broke in!

Will a deadbolt help?

You bet it will! A strong, properly installed deadbolt lock added to your front or back door will add that needed second layer of protection. They are harder to bump open and they buy you valuable extra time that does 3 things:

  • It discourages the intruder as it’s one more hurdle to cross before they get inside
  • It buys you time to arm yourself or to call for help!
  • Burglars often skip your home altogether when they notice a deadbolt installed on your door.

Deadbolt types

You are not limited to one kind of deadbolt. You can choose from 1) Single cylinder deadbolt that has a key hole on one side and a knob on the other side so that you can twist it open.

2) Double cylinder deadbolts that have key slots on both sides and no knobs to twist open. These are harder to bypass as you can’t break a window and reach inside and twist the knob open.

There are other variations of deadbolt locks but these are the two most popular ones. Be sure to check with your building codes authority or fire department if you are considering these double cylinder deadbolt locks as they are often banned due to the fact that you need a key to access them since they have no twist knobs. During an emergency you could find yourself locked inside until they deadbolt keys are located and used.

Where do I find them?

You can purchase quality deadbolts anywhere including local stores like Ace Hardware, Target, Sears, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe’s. Often, these stores have help that can recommend certain models that might be effective for you. You can also order online at E-bay, Amazon, Craigslist, Best Buy and other national sites as they sell a vast array of deadbolt locks for every size and type of door imaginable.

Who installs?

If you feel competent; you do! Bear in mind that a poorly installed deadbolt lock will not provide the needed protection you want for your Palatine, IL home. You can use a local handyman, or locksmith if you have better things to do with your time than tinker with new lock additions.

Should I go with a brand name?

Yes and no. Get some free, professional advice from a local residential locksmith before you make your new deadbolt purchase. Ask questions about price, installation costs, warranty coverage and maintenance needed (if any). Here at Locksmith Service Palatine, we are not only affordable, we offer mobile service that can install your new deadbolt at a time that works best for you.

We also offer free, no obligation consultations for our customers. You can ask us about brands, guarantees, customer satisfaction and anything else that comes to mind. Do your homework and check deadbolt reviews from other customers. Amazon, E-Bay, Home Depot and Best Buy often rate deadbolts according to their customer satisfaction. Be sure to note why they liked or didn’t like their hardware and take all that into consideration when it comes time to make your own selection.

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