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Avoiding a Burglary

Since a burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the U.S. it means that a burglary is taking place right now. Over a dozen homes are currently being burglarized. This is staggering but true. The key to avoiding a burglary from occurring is to make your home appear unappealing to potential thieves. It doesn’t mean that your home should look like a dump or a shack; it should just appear very difficult for them to gain access. Since they need time and opportunity, the more security you have the less time they have to figure it all out. They will just move on to the next property with less complicated procedures to go through in order to gain access inside.

You may think that if someone wants to get in, they will. This isn’t always true. If you take the job of securing your home seriously and adhere to some of these practical ways to avoid a burglary, you can actually stop anyone who thinks their getting in from actually being able to.

Visible Locks on Doors and Windows

In most cases, burglars get in through doors or windows. They don’t walk through walls. This is why it is a good idea to have locks that are visible on all your windows and doors that they can gain access through from the outside. Invest in reliable, sturdy locks. Remember, you don’t want to make things easy for them. Having durable locks means it would be a lot more time consuming for them to break. There are some brands that make more durable locks than others.

Secure All Doors

You would think that this is common sense 101 but for some people, it isn’t quit that simple. Some people think that just because their garage door is closed that no one can gain access into their home through their garage and thus they fail to lock the door from the garage into their home. Even when you are at home and you have the door open. Lock the screen door. When you’re not looking someone could jam something in between your door without your even knowing it. Perhaps they innocently walk up to your home acting as though they were looking for someone, simply to gain access to your door. Your doors should all have deadbolts on them. This serves as another layer of protection. They are the most durable types of brands on the market. If you like to leave your screen doors unlocked, just make sure you have a anti-entry device installed on all of your screen doors so that they are not able to remove the frame of the door.

Security Checks

Since many locksmith services also install numerous security features, they are a good way to find out if you have all of the security features that you’ll need to avoid a burglary. They usually know what works and what doesn’t sense they have seen it all before. They are also able to offer you practical solutions for your security concerns. They inspect the interior and exterior of your home to make a determination about the level of security you require in order to avoid a burglary.

Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are no longer just for businesses. In recent years they have become more affordable to homeowners. It is a great idea to have the cameras installed because the last thing a thief wants is to be taped while committing a crime. There are basic surveillance cameras and there are more high-tech cameras that enable you to monitor them from any PC. Some can even alert the proper authorities if non-authorized people are on your property.

Home Alarm Systems

It may sound silly but when someone has an alarm services signage in front of your home, this can sometimes be enough to stop a burglar dead in their tracks. You can have a standard alarm system installed that will alert you when someone is in your home or you can have a system that monitors your homes activity and notifies the police for you. Home alarm systems offer you the best degree of security possible.


Make sure you can illuminate as much of the exterior of your home as possible. Don’t allow anyone to come on your property without shinning a spot light on them. If they step foot on your property, the light should be activated and scare the off. These are known as floodlights. They cover a wide spread area.

Durable Doors

Have you ever heard of someone’s door being kicked in? This is common in some areas and this is why you should make sure you invest in durable doors. The door is as important as the looks that you place on them. If you’re unable to get the doors that you need all at once, get one and then just continue to add them as money becomes available. Don’t put it off, start preparing for the worst today by getting your first durable door now.


If you are dealing with a very cleaver burglar, who may have worked in the industry and know how to maneuver through all of the things you’ve had installed to avoid a burglary, do yourself a favor by investing in a good safe. So even if they make it inside, they will only be able to get what they can quickly get to. They won’t usually take a safe, especially if you have it bolted to the floor. It isn’t worth the time and effort needed to get inside.

There is no sure fire way to completely avoid a burglary because you could have guest over and they could walk away with something. You might have workers in side your home that could also walk away with something. However, you can do minimize the chance of a burglary by taking into consideration some of the suggestions we’ve provided.

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