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Lock and key types

Locks and keys are almost as different and unique as snowflakes! Close your eyes and envision a lock or a key and you’ll most likely see the standard keyhole with a traditional key sticking out of it. In reality lock hardware can take on hundreds of forms and be made of quite a few materials.

Locks have been successfully used for literally thousands of years. Even the ancient folks in Babylon, Egypt and Greece used locks to protect their homes, tombs and shops. Today, there are more lock varieties than ever before, and you can enjoy this technology here in Palatine, IL and anywhere else in the country that you live.

Automotive keys

The traditional car key is easily recognizable. Its size and distinctive shape make it easy to use, easy to recognize, and often, easy to use for other things like ripping open boxes or prying open bottles. Our Locksmith Service Palatine professionals recommend that you only use keys for the purpose that they were meant for. Anything else can lead to key breakage, poor key performance and eventually lock damage.

Most key making places can duplicate car keys (not transponders). These include home improvement stores, convenience stores, hardware stores and sporting goods stores. Car keys are used to start ignitions, open trunks, lock car doors, and in some models they can lock glove compartments and front seat consoles, too.

Deadbolt locks

A deadbolt lock should be sturdy, well-installed, and on every front door! While Palatine, IL enjoys a low crime rate, it could be in part, due to the fact that many residential and commercial locations have deadbolt locks installed. Deadbolts are simple. One side has a key slot in it and the other a knob for turning. These locks do not make use of a spring and rely instead on the turning action of the user to manually lock or unlock. They are built into the door as opposed to being attached ON the door.

What’s important about deadbolts is that they offer a second line of protection for users. Burglars and other unauthorized intruders most always look for easy and fast ways to enter your home or business. Deadbolts can thwart this entry as they must now get past this lock after picking or prying open your main one. This lock now presents a second barrier that must be bypassed before entry and if they attempt to do this, it buys you time to call for help or even arm yourself!

Transponder keys

Most cars built after 1995 use transponder keys to operate them. Transponder means to “transmit” and that’s exactly what this key does! You insert your transponder key into the ignition and turn it. The chip embedded in the head of the key then transmits a signal to your car’s computer and if that signal is matched and recognized by your car, the car starts!

If not recognized the car will not start and this ability of your transponder key to transmit the right signal is what has drastically cut down on the incidents of car theft all over the world.

Keyless entry

Keyless entry systems eliminate the use of keys altogether! Instead, a number sequence is entered into a keypad and if done correctly, the lock opens. They add convenience as well as better security to cars, homes, businesses and industrial locations that now no longer have to cut and issue new keys at every turn or carry them around everywhere. Keyless entry allows you to no longer be concerned about lost, broken or stolen keys as all that is needed to work the lock is the proper key code or number sequence.

Master locks

Master locks allow users to use far fewer keys as all the locks on the system use one key. With fewer keys to carry and use, there is less breakage, loss and theft. Master keys open all of the locks on the system and this useful hardware can be applied in commercial, institutional and residential applications. Think of your elementary school custodian with that massive key ring he wore. You could always hear him coming down the halls! On it he had keys to classrooms, offices, cafeteria, gymnasium, storage rooms, closets, bathrooms and more. If the school had been on keyed to a Master system, he would have had one key to all of the above.

High security locks

High security locks are aptly named as they offer premium quality security at an affordable price. Most locks are made of tin or aluminum and are hollow. High security ones are solid steel or brass and covered with a steel plate to prevent tampering. They are virtually impossible to pick open, pry open or even shoot open. Their strength eliminates smashing, bumping and other violent and sneaky forms of lock bypassing. You can’t even drill these locks open as hardened steel pins are embedded in the lock face to prevent it.

Tubular keys and locks

These locks are familiar to anyone who has worked in an office setting or been to a coin operated laundry. Tubular locks are recognized by their hollow, cylindrical, shorter shape. They typically lock file cabinets and lock boxes. They can also be used to lock bicycles, laundromat dryers and washers, and laptop security cables. They afford minimum protection as they are easy to pry or smash open.

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