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Preserving Your Locks with Regular Maintenance

Maintaining locks may sound silly to you but we assure you that if you want to be certain that your locks will always work when you need them to, regular maintenance is a must. They will not only continue to work efficiently but with regular maintenance, you’re able to avoid the misfortune of having them break. As much as locks are used, they are as equally neglected through maintenance. Even with the best quality locks, you can still experience problems when they are not being properly maintained. In fact, the problem that is experienced with many locks is due to the fact that they are not being properly maintained. You are probably like most people who make the assumption that a lock will last forever.

  1. Proper Installation Essential

    The only way for your locks to work on your doors properly is if the door and lock is installed correctly. If your door is sagging or it binds, this will inevitably have an affect on the bolt or the latch of the door. This is what will cause you a problem with the locking mechanism. If the door is correctly installed you will not see binds. The gap of the doorframe should all be the same across the top and bottom. A qualified locksmith can see to it that the door is correctly installed for proper installation of your locks.

  2. You’re Lock Might Not Be the Problem

    The doorframe can be the problem. There should be a screw at the top of the hinge to secure the doorframe. It should be able to extent to the door and the wall frame situated around the door. In order to avoid sagging, a long screw that is at least three inches should be applied to the hinge. Although most hinge screws are staggered, the screw we are referencing should be in the center of your wall. Strike plates should also be inspected. The deadbolt plate should also be secured to the wall frame. These should also be installed with long screws.

  3. Insure that the Deadbolt and Dead Latch Work Properly

    Make sure the dead latch is not falling into the strike plate. If they are not correctly aligned with the strike plate, the security feature will not function properly. A broken dead latch or a binding dead latch will often cause lock problems. You will also need to make sure that the deadbolt lock is functioning properly. There is never a reason for you to push or pull on the lock in order for it to work correctly. It should fit into the latch with ease. The doorjamb hole should be deep enough so that the bolt of the lock extends in all the way. A deadbolt that isn’t fully extended is of no use to you.

  4. Clean Your Locks

    This is something that can be accomplished quit easily and is very simple to do. All that is required is a mild detergent and damp cloth to wipe down the lock. You wouldn’t want anything that is abrasive or any type of chemical cleaner. The locks finish can be damaged with the use of a petroleum-based product. The protective coating can sustain a lot of use but not a lot of abuse.

  5. Inspect for Loose Parts

    If you notice the slightest problem with a loose screw, tighten it up immediately. When you do not do this, you tend to allow the problem to persist until other screws have become loosened and the problem has escalated. You can tighten up screws on your own before the problem gets to the point that you’ll feel it is necessary to call on a locksmith. This will undoubtedly be more costly than if you had performed the job on your own.

  6. Lubricating Your Locks

    This is another simple job that you can do yourself. We do not advise you to use a petroleum-based product to lubricate your locks. A dry lubricant, such as Teflon, will work best for your needs. They are not only the best for lubricating locks but they are very easy to apply. You’ll just need to spray a little inside the keyhole. Turn the key back and forth and pulling the key out to clean any dirt and dust that comes off. You only need to lubricate your locks one a year. If you are moving into an older home and want to ensure that all of the locks are fully functional, lubrication may consist of completely removing the lock to clean its latch and bolt.

  7. Duplicating Keys

    Maintaining your locks also call for you to properly care for your keys. A key will wear out long before the lock. Whenever you have a new key installed, we suggest that you always keep one of the original keys for duplicating purposes. When you continue to duplicate a duplicate key, it can begin to wear on the locks. The further away from the original cut the more likely you will begin to have problems with your locking mechanism.

We know that you probably already have enough going on in your life, and the last thing you want to think about are your locks. This is why we make it possible for you to go on doing what you need to do and handing over the responsibility of maintaining your locks to our qualified locksmiths. If you decide to make the time to handle this maintenance on your own, you will be able to save some money in the long run. The question to you is, will you set aside the required time to take care of the maintenance of the locks of your home or car?

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