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Does your Palatine, IL business need extra security? Or, does it need some security because you have none at all? You can call your favorite lock and key experts and have them help you get the security protection you need. No one wants to shop at or do business with a firm that is a security risk. Fortunately, there are simple and cost effective ways to add premium quality lock protection at just the right price!

Your customers

If you have customers that visit your location to shop or to access a service, they want and need to feel safe. No one wants to risk their safety by going to a dangerous location. This is especially true with the strong advance of online shopping and web services. It’s much easier and often safer to just stay home and conduct your business from there. You don’t have to be located in the ritziest part of town either. Even budget commercial properties can bolster security by making smart choices and additions to their security systems and lock hardware.

Your employees

It can be hard enough going to work every day without having to stress out over security and safety. No one wants to work in a dangerous and risky place. You will have a hard time hiring, training and keeping staff if they fear their workplace. Even if they decide to stay, work productivity will be down and if sales are low due to poor customer traffic, commissions and bonuses will be practically nonexistent too. Poor work morale is never good and something as simple as better lock security can make a difference in customer traffic, employee attitude and overall business health.

Your commercial locksmith

Not all locksmiths in Palatine, IL are qualified to render professional service for commercial use. Either call our shop or use another one of your liking, but please work with an experienced and licensed commercial lock and key shop that offers experienced and skilled technicians on a 24-hour basis. A “regular” locksmith will be able to add a peephole or rekey your front door lock but they might not be able or qualified to advise you on the best ways to enhance your business security. What you need are access to quality hardware, experienced technicians and round-the-clock mobile assistance that is fast responding and highly professional.

Can you justify the cost?

Sometimes business owners call our Palatine, IL shop and wonder if they can afford quality business locksmith service. They ponder the question of justifying the cost. There is no one-sized fits all commercial locksmith service or package. One firm may simply need to add high security locks to help cut down on burglaries. Another may have a cash theft problem and want CCTV cameras installed near the cash registers. Each circumstance is unique but one thing is for sure. All business owners should look at commercial lock security as an investment and not a cost. Many improvements and upgrades are even tax deductible so it’s wise to consult your tax professional as well as to save all receipts and records of purchase.

Commercial safe

One great way to secure cash, jewelry, documents, flash drives and other items of value is by keeping them in a commercial safe. Don’t be fooled by thinking that locking desk drawers or file cabinets are enough to protect these items. The cam locks that secure these drawers offer minimum security at best and are easy to pick or even smash off with a hammer. Your commercial safe can be built into the floor or a wall. It can be hidden behind a stairwell or in plain sight.

High security locks

These locks are near-impossible to pick or pry open. Burglars are not used to these locks and more often than not, they will simply give up and move on. You can even hammer these locks, shoot them, or try and blast them open but to no avail. They are build solid with brass and steel parts and best of all; they are affordable and once installed, become a legitimate building improvement for tax purposes.


Who knew? Something as simple as a deadbolt can thwart burglars and keep them out of your store, office or shop. There are two catches, however. One, the deadbolt must be of quality construction and properly installed. Two, the deadbolt must be used! When these conditions are met, your commercial deadbolt can delay and frustrate your would-be burglar to the point that he or she simply stops trying to break-into your store or office.


Video surveillance can help in many commercial applications. If your business deals with cash, heavy foot traffic, numerous employees or has a theft problem, one effective way to deal with all this is to use CCTV cameras. You’ll notice their use in most public places like airports and hospitals. You’ll also notice them in private businesses like convenience stores, restaurants and retail stores. Many are surprised at how affordable video surveillance can be. Consult your Palatine, IL locksmith shop of choice and learn more.

Keyless entry

Keyless entry is another smart way to help secure your business. You can dispense with keys while keeping better track of staff access, customer traffic and vendor allowed areas. Keyless entry when combined with video surveillance can provide you with better organization and greater peace of mind as you no longer have to worry about rekeys, lock change-outs, broken key extraction and other key related problems.

Find out more!

We encourage you to call a local Palatine commercial locksmith and learn more. Many offer free consultations and can help you plan and implement a more secure commercial environment for you and your staff and customers.

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