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We typically think about calling a locksmith only if we’ve just suddenly realized that we’re locked out. The fact is, a good locksmith is a lot more than a person who can come to your rescue when you’re stuck somewhere without your keys.

Automotive locksmiths are automotive locksmith specialists capable of getting you back into your vehicle right away if you’re stranded any place without your car keys. Not only that, they can also replace and program your transponder key, repair or replace your ignition cylinder, and so forth.

Residential locksmiths are residential locksmith experts who will offer you advice on security issues you may not have thought about before. The specialized services they bring will enhance your home’s security. They’ll evaluate the quality and condition of your doors and locks, the safety level of your points of entry, windows, garage, and the whole perimeter. A dependable professional residential locksmith will advise you on how best to safeguard your jewelry and other valuables, your essential documents, emergency cash, weapons, and anything else you want well protected. Trustworthy residential locksmiths are knowledgeable on the strategies burglars often employ to avoid detection and gain access, which means they’ll help you take logical measures to thwart vandalism, break-ins, or theft. If you’re planning to be away for a long time, an exceptional residential locksmith specialist can recommend optimal lighting, timers, and even security systems capable of being monitored with your smart phone.

Commercial locksmiths are commercial locksmith specialists who address key and lock issues at business properties. Anytime a security issue occurs at your commercial facility, it’s time to hire an accomplished professional commercial locksmith. You want to be able to depend on a person of utmost integrity who will become familiar with your building's particulars ~ not just the doors and locks, but also the emergency exits, the high-security areas, and so on. Some commercial locksmiths may have master key sets, if you request them. They can also keep complete records of every kind of lock you have, and assist you with all your property’s security measures, such as identification passcodes, fire and panic devices, video surveillance systems, and more.

Access control. A prime locksmith is highly qualified to advise you on the most effective ways to control access to your business or home ~ such as gate entry, intercom systems, alarm systems, magnetic locks, keypads, key cards, and remote locks. Nowadays, there are even biometric locks (that is, high-security locks which can be opened only with a fingerprint or handprint; cutting-edge technology includes eye scan, facial recognition, voice recognition, ear scan, even DNA sampling).

When it comes to guarding the security and safety of your possessions and property, there are almost countless services a locksmith can do:

  • keyless entry
  • peepholes
  • removing broken & stuck keys
  • smart keys
  • garage, pool, & fence locks
  • intercom systems
  • install and repair electronic security hardware
  • window bars
  • sliding glass door locks
  • deadbolts
  • replace or repair damaged door & window locks, hinges, & electric-locking release mechanisms
  • smart-phone controlled surveillance systems
  • security systems
  • video surveillance systems
  • master keys for business facilities & apartment complexes
  • change combination locks on all types of safes & vault doors
  • program transponder “chip” keys

An excellent locksmith is a competent professional who works with a great deal of skill, finesse, and discretion in any location or circumstance, and, ideally, at anytime, day or night.

Duplicating and making keys. A locksmith is able to expertly cut keys for virtually any sort of lock ~ keys for automobiles, businesses, and residences ~ such as filing cabinet locks, lockers, deadbolts, bump-proof locks, safes, padlocks, desk locks, transponder keys, dropboxes, mailboxes, cabinets, and really any other type of key mechanism you may come across.

Rekeying and lock changes. Whenever you move into a new place of residence, you must rekey or change the locks as soon as possible. There are also other reasons, such as preventing entrance by your ex-spouse, ex-roommate, or (if you own a business) former employee. Perhaps you require access for the disabled, or you want to alter the style of your locks. Or, if you’ve been burglarized, or even experienced an attempted theft, it’s wise to change out your locks ~ whether basic (with new locks and keys) or electronic (with new codes). Your building’s former tenants might still possess an old key, or recall an old password. Don’t take any risks!

Safes for business and home. If you’ve lost the combination to your safe, a legitimate professional will be prepared and possess the knowhow to open it without damaging it. A premium professional locksmith will repair or install any safe ~ for your business or your home ~ including specialized safes such as gun safes, anchored safes, fireproof and waterproof safes, and concealed safes (hidden in the wall or floor).

Would you like to be a locksmith? If you want to be a locksmith yourself, first you’ll have to be an apprentice for awhile. If you’re good at problem-solving, and you enjoy working outside normal hours, you’re probably well-suited to become a locksmith. You’ll have a big advantage over other locksmiths if you’re talented and experienced regarding electronics, metal fabricating, and/or construction. It’s important that you be an individual of the highest uprightness, comport yourself professionally, and be discreet, since you’ll routinely be privy to confidential information. Being a locksmith requires significant training, as well as a license, and you also must be a solid and patient person.

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